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All Gabriella Romano wants is just a proper facial


Slutty Latin girl Gabriella Romano wants facial and she wants it right now. Well, no problem here. She is in her sexy black'n'white panties, when the guys push their cocks towards her. She is very happy, because the dicks are quite big and already hard.

The chick tastes all cocks, one after another. Some of guys just let her to inspect their junks, some on the other hand take inicitativity - they take her head and fuck her mouth. The studs remove her panties also and finger her a little. She is all wet! This chick is really in to fellatio and she wants to have her pretty face covered with rivers of flowing warm spunk. After the familiarization with all penises, she lays on the couch upside down. Her head is down and guys fuck her mouth and throat. She can barely handle some of the cocks, because of it's bigger size. Since Gabriella Romano has already panties removed, one guy licks her pussy from behind, while she is getting her throat penetrated. He fingers her as well. When the colective of hard cocks is bored, they lay on the floor and she gives them blowjob in this position. They are just lazy to stand on their legs, so why, when she can serve them this way? They penetrate her mouth so hard, that she almost vomit herself. No mercy to the sex slave. It's the rule.

The girl is getting pretty mad and starts bitching around: "I want my fuckin' facial! Where is my facial?? I want it now!". The studs are ready and no one see problem here. One after one they come to her and ejaculate on her face. Some of cock's product goes into her mouth also. Satisfied Gabriella has whole face covered with loads of sperm. The bitch is happy now.

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